Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA)

Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA)  has selected Mobile Caregiver+ to launch electronic visit verification (EVV) in Florida. Mobile Caregiver+ is a national EVV company that has successfully launched EVV with multiple states, managed care organizations, and thousands of providers. AHCA has implemented EVV for their Home Health program.

How do I register for Mobile Caregiver+ EVV for AHCA Home Health?

Billing providers are required to register online to gain access to the Mobile Caregiver+ system. Click REGISTER to begin.


Does EVV Apply To Me?

Click here to see the list of waivers and services in scope for EVV in Florida.


How Do I Get Signed Up For Training?

Provider Admins can register on the mobilecaregiverplus.com/training site for provider admin portal training.

The training materials will cover functionalities of the AHCA EVV system including:

  • How to schedule services using the AHCA EVV Dashboard
  • Checking in and out using the AHCA EVV Smart Phone Mobile Application
  • Billing for services rendered using AHCA EVV Claims Portal





Installing Mobile Caregiver+

Access the links below for information on how to remove the Tellus eVV app and install the new Mobile Caregiver+ app. 

Apple instructions

Android instructions

The AHCA EVV System may allow the use of EVV third-party integration for approved systems. Third-party integration means that home health providers who have an EVV system may continue to use it to capture and send EVV data to the EVV Claims system for billing. Providers who are interested in EVV third-party integration should contact the AHCA EVV Customer Support Line toll-free at 1-833-AHCA-EVV (1-833-2422-388) or via email: ahcaevv@mobilecaregiverplus.com.

For more information, visit mobilecaregiverplus.com/training


Why EVV?

The use of EVV is a Federal Law! In December 2016, Congress enacted the 21st Century Cures Act which requires states to implement EVV for Medicaid-financed Personal Care Services and Home Health Care Services.


For Florida Agency for Health Care Administration Electronic Visit Verification Assistance Please Contact:


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