Montana DPHHS is implementing Netsmart’s Mobile Caregiver+ to electronically verify the utilization and delivery of care services for its Medicaid members receiving Personal Care and/or Home Healthcare services.  The Department expects the system to be implemented in September 2023. Montana’s programs and service codes subject to EVV can be found here.

Visit the State Website for more information.

Please email if you need help identifying your agency’s PID.

Montana DPHHS Quick Reference Guide

Does eVV apply to me?

Click here to see the list of services that require visit verification for EVV in Montana Medicaid program.


What EVV implementation model did the department select? 

DPHHS has selected the Open Vendor model for EVV. This means that the State will implement an EVV solution that is free to providers who need a system. Providers with existing EVV systems that meet DPHHS EVV compliance requirements and are certified by DPHHS can continue to use their systems (aka Alternate EVV Solutions).

What If I don’t have an Alternate EVV Solution?

If you do not currently have an EVV Vendor that you use to collect the key visit verification data elements described above, you can use the Department's EVV solution, Netsmart Mobile Caregiver+ at no cost for services subject to EVV for Montana Medicaid.

Billing providers are required to register online to gain access to Netsmart Mobile Caregiver+. Click REGISTER to begin.

Once you register, you can watch online training videos, add your Caregivers to the system, and schedule visits for your Montana Medicaid members.

What If I already Have An Alternate EVV Solution?

If you currently have an EVV Vendor that you use to collect the key visit verification data elements described above, you will need to sign up with Netsmart Mobile Caregiver+ and identify the Alternate EVV solution that you are using. Click here to complete the survey. For help in retrieving Montana information to complete the survey, contact us at

At end of the Survey, your Provider Agency will need to share an additional Survey link with your Alternate EVV solution to have them register as an Alternate EVV Solution with Netsmart Mobile Caregiver+ for Montana Medicaid.

Let us know what Alternate EVV Vendor you are using and their contact info! This ensures we invite them to the Alternate EVV Vendor townhalls to receive all information and timing around integrating with Netsmart Mobile Caregiver+.

Provider Alternate EVV Solution Registration

If you choose to acquire your own Alternate EVV solution or use your existing Alternate EVV solution for Montana Medicaid members your vendor will need to integrate with Netsmart Mobile Caregiver+ by using the Implementation and Data Dictionary links below, and send the visit data to Netsmart Mobile Caregiver+ as required by Montana DPHHS. Billing providers are required to register online to gain access to Netsmart Mobile Caregiver+ (even if you are not using Netsmart Mobile Caregiver+ for visit capture) to release visits sent to Netsmart Mobile Caregiver+ from your Alternate EVV Vendor. Click REGISTER to begin.

Alternate EVV Vendor Implementation Guide: Click Here

Alternate EVV Vendor Quick Reference Guide MT: Click Here

Rendered Services Data Dictionary: Click Here

How Do I Get Signed Up For Training?

Click here to select an online training course.

For more information, visit Netsmart Mobile Caregiver+.

What is EVV and why it matters?

EVV is a system that automates the collection of service information by capturing the service began and end time, activities complete and other information entered by a home care worker at the point of care. EVV will give providers, care coordinators, members/guardians, and DPHHS staff access to service delivery information in real time to ensure there are no gaps in care throughout the entire course of the service plan. The 21st Century Cures Act mandates that states implement EVV for all Medicaid personal care services (PCS) and home health services (HHCS) that require either an in-home or community service delivered by a provider. EVV must record at least six aspects of service delivery: the date of service, starting location, ending location, type of service, the individual providing the service, the individual receiving the service and the start and end times of the service. EVV offers several benefits to providers and members such as eliminating the need for paper documentation, creating flexibility in scheduling and delivering services, improved monitoring of participant health, safety and welfare and reduction in potential Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse.

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