State of Florida Emergency Preparedness for Netsmart EVV

State of Florida Emergency Preparedness for Netsmart EVV

On Friday, September 23, 2022, Governor Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency for 24 counties, urging Floridians to prepare for impacts from Hurricane Ian. Netsmart recommends organizations prepare and regularly review their disaster recovery strategy.

Preparing for a Disaster and Minimizing Downtime

Preparing for a weather emergency is common for many of our clients, especially those often impacted by hurricanes. Below are key areas that are critical to consider in your plan.

Data Recovery – Ensure your critical systems are backed up regularly, monitored and routinely checked for integrity. Copies of your data should be replicated offsite to a geographically dispersed facility for retrieval in case of total loss or damage to facilities and infrastructure.

Application Recovery – Ensure high availability and disaster recovery capabilities are a part of your critical application architecture and deployment. Cloud services provide the flexibility of continuous access to your critical applications regardless of location.

Connectivity Recovery – Local network and wireless infrastructure, internet service providers and telecommunications services are often impacted during disasters. Having redundant providers with physical diversity for critical communications are key to a disaster recovery strategy.

Communication – Have a communication plan in place to keep your clients, providers, employees, and partners integrated into your overall disaster plan and strategy. Posting information to your website and social media platforms and contacting your business partners will ensure others are kept up to date with your status and are able to assist as your plan is executed and assistance is needed.

As a reminder, please begin by implementing your agency’s full disaster recovery plans to support your care delivery. For those agencies using the Mobile Caregiver+ (MCG+) EVV app, the app will function in offline mode.

Download the Mobile Caregiver+ Using Offline Mode guide

Netsmart is working closely with AHCA to ensure EVV services are not interrupted. As the Agency extends authorization and claims compliance, the Netsmart EVV solution will accommodate the adjustments during this time.

Contacting Netsmart EVV Support:

AHCA Home Health EVV Support Line: 1-833-242-2388 (toll-free)
AHCA Behavioral Analytics EVV Support Line: 1-833-365-2095 (toll-free)

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