AHCA BA • EVV Providers – How to manually add users in the Tellus EVV System.

Provider Type(s): 39

Additional Ways for Rendering Providers to Provide Accurate Contact Information

For BA providers in the pilot region delivering services to recipients who reside in Regions 9, 10, and 11, as part of the implementation of electronic visit verification (EVV) for behavior analysis services, the Agency needs a unique email and phone number for each rendering provider (e.g., registered behavior technician, board certified behavior analyst, etc.). Without this information, BA services cannot be properly verified through the EVV system and providers cannot get paid.

The purpose of this alert is to inform group and rendering providers of two additional ways to provide Tellus with updated contact information (unique email and phone number):

  1. Group providers may manually add each individual rendering provider via the Tellus eVV Administrator Console; or
  2. Rendering providers may individually register as a new user via the Tellus eVV Mobile Application.

Click to view: Manually Adding Users in Tellus


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