Netsmart Data Export Guidelines and Webinar Invite


Netsmart Data Export Guidelines and Webinar Invite


AHCA and Netsmart would like AHCA BA providers to be aware that step by step instructions are provided in a new Netsmart Data Export User Guide that is available for those BA Providers who have elected to discontinue the use of the Netsmart EVV system after February 5, 2022.


Netsmart will be hosting a webinar titled AHCA BA Provider Transition Webinar: Option 1 and Data Reporting, on Thursday, January 27, 2022, from 10:00 am to 10:30 am EST. In this webinar, Netsmart will explain how to download your Provider Data out of the Netsmart EVV system. If interested, please register now.


The Data Export User Guide contains screenshots of step by step instructions for the following items:

  • Exporting Visit Detail Report
  • Exporting Time Log
  • Exporting Recipients List
  • Exporting Visit History
  • Exporting Historical Claims
  • Exporting In-Process Claims


Please click here to review the AHCA BA Netsmart Data Export User Guide.


Additionally, an accompanying training video has been made available to Providers and can be accessed via the following link:


All materials listed above are also stored on the AHCA BA EVV website at the following link:

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