AHCA BA • EVV Providers – Updating Provider Contact Information in the AHCA Web Portal

Provider Type(s): 39

The following alert only applies to providers participating in the BA EVV pilot program that will be delivering BA services to recipients with home addresses in Regions 9, 10, and 11.

Behavior Analysis EVV – Revised Instructions to Update Provider Contact Information

Providers were previously advised to update their Mail To/Correspondence address in the secure Florida Medicaid Provider Web Portal in error.

Providers instead need to update their Service Location Address.
Each provider must have an email and phone number that is unique to them. If the provider works with multiple group providers, the rendering provider only needs to make one update in the secure Florida Medicaid Provider Web Portal. To make this update the provider should access the secure Portal at: https://home.flmmis.com/home/ and follow these instructions:








The portal displays instructions if providers have forgotten their login or password.

Do not delay — Once updated in the FMMIS, it can take several days before the new information is in the Tellus eVV System to allow visit scheduling.

Other Information
If you have not already registered for or attended training, please take this opportunity to do so. Navigate to the Training & Resources tab on the AHCA BA EVV website. If you have questions regarding training or system registration contact Tellus at: 1.833.622.2422.

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