AHCA BA • Tellus to FMMIS Location Code Cross-walk

Behavior Analysis Fee-for-Service Regions 9, 10, and 11

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Location Codes

Providers are encouraged to reference the table below to help understand how the location descriptions used in the Tellus EVV system relate to the location codes in FMMIS. These codes are found on your 835 and Remittance Advice.



Tellus to FMMIS Location Code Cross-walk
Tellus Description Corresponding FMMIS Code FMMIS Description
Adult Day Healthcare Facility 99 Other Place of Service
Assisted Living Facility 13 Assisted Living Facility
Community 99 Other Place of Service
Community Mental Health Center 53 Community Mental Health Center
Comprehensive Outpatient Rehab Facility 62 Comprehensive Outpatient Rehab Facility
Member Home/Primary Residence 12 Home
Neighbor Home 12 Home
Relatives or Friends Residence 12 Home
Seasonal Residence 12 Home
Group Home 14 Group Home
Independent Clinic 49 Independent Clinic
Medical Facility 99 Other Place of Service
Outpatient 22 Outpatient
School 03 School
Work/Office 11 Office
Telemedicine for COVID-19 02 Telemedicine for COVID-19
Walk-in Retail Health Clinic 17 Walk-in Retail Health Clinic
Additional Information:
To view additional training materials please go to https://mobilecaregiverplus.com/ahca-ba and select the Training & Resources tab. If you have questions regarding training or system registration you may contact TELLUS at: 1.833.622.2422.



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