AHCA BA • March Newsletter


AHCA Behavior Analysis Regions 9, 10 and 11

March Newsletter



Stay Up to Date with Provider Alerts and Known Issues Update

Looking for the latest updates? Stay up to date with the latest EVV news from Tellus website: https://mobilecaregiverplus.com/ahca-ba-updates/

Introducing the Tellus Known Issues Page

Tellus has created a new “Known Issues” page located at https://mobilecaregiverplus.com/ahca-ba-known-issues/. This page will display current and recently resolved production issues within the Tellus EVV app and provider portal and will be updated frequently with the most current information.

Tellus February Newsletter

Our February Newsletter included a variety of topics including a deadline for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Enforcement through the MMIS. To learn more about this topic view our February Newsletter: https://mobilecaregiverplus.com/ahca-ba-february-newsletter/

Looking For 24/7 Tellus Training Options?

On-demand video training are accessible any time.
Click the link to access training videos for claims, mobile app and the admin dashboard: https://mobilecaregiverplus.com//ahca-ba-training-resources/#training

Contact Tellus

If You Have a Technical Issue, Please Contact the Customer Support Team

What’s Next?

We have a wide variety of upcoming trainings in both English and Spanish. Be sure to mark your calendar and register your team.

Live Training Sessions

User Guides and Tutorials:

Additional training resources include live online trainings, recorded trainings, recorded tutorials and user guide PDFs.

Access all training resources at: https://mobilecaregiverplus.com/ahca-ba-training-resources/

Additional Information:
To view additional training materials please go to https://mobilecaregiverplus.com/ahca-ba and select the Training & Resources tab. If you have questions regarding training or system registration you may contact TELLUS at: 1.833.622.2422.


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